Mother’s Day Chicken Extravaganza

Mother’s Day is a holiday with a wonderful premise that celebrates individuals who truly deserve the recognition the holiday affords them. We should take more time out of our everyday lives to honor the wonderful women who made our lives possible and provided us with every opportunity to be the best people we could possibly be. Interestingly enough, the holiday we know as Mother’s Day was first conceived in Grafton, West Virginia, not far from where I sit writing this post. The holiday began as a memorial day for Anna Jarvis’ mother. Now every single one of us in America is given a day in which we are able to, or I suppose more accurately, required to, pay homage to those who carried us in their womb and went through excruciating pain to allow us to live. In my personal experience mothers are some of the greatest people on this Earth, some of the most selfless, motivated, and empathetic people to draw breath.


My own mother has given more than most throughout her life, choosing to raise me as a single mother and never giving up on the often difficult young man that I was throughout my younger years. The woman that I love is living through a quite similar situation and her hard work and determination whilst raising her wonderful young boy into an amazing man. The compassion and hard work outpouring  from the two women who mean a great deal more to me than anyone else in my life, are consistently the basis for my inspirations and motivations in every single aspect of my life. Mother’s are incredible people, so remember to be thankful for all the amazing things they do, not just today, but everyday.

So anyway, since I’m dating one of those amazing creatures known to the world as a mother, I made her some delicious meals today. Here is how I made those meals and the recipes for them so you can do the same for your mom.


The lady wanted some chicken and bacon today so both meals will follow that basic theme.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad with Orange Zest

This will only be one serving for that all to important and beautiful woman, but all of these ingredients can be easily doubled and made into however many servings you might require.



First I’m just going to take one chicken breast and season it with basil, fresh thyme, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and balsamic vinegar. I let this sit and marinade on the cutting board while I do my prep for the rest of the meal.




I cook up the bacon and then roast about three cloves of garlic in the bacon grease. If you use this method, be very careful not to burn the garlic, you want to let the grease cool for a minute before throwing the garlic in as well, especially if you are using the kind that is already minced as the juice inside the can cause a grease fire. The garlic in the picture is ready to go, so it should look just like that when it’s nice and roasted and not burnt.


In goes the chicken until it is cooked through.


I chop a quarter of a head of lettuce, the chicken, and bacon, throw in some grape tomatoes, ranch dressing and cheesy fries to top the salad and then put the zest of approximately one quarter of a mandarin orange on top. This is exactly what my misses wanted from me for her lunch and she seemed to love it so hopefully you and yours will too.


1 Chicken breast marinated with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, basil, and thyme

4 slices of bacon

3 cloves of garlic roasted in the bacon grease

Quick bake french fries topped with mixed cheese medley

4-6 grape tomatoes

1/4 headd of chopped lettuce

1 cup ranch dressing

Zest of 1/4 of a mandarin orange


Barbecue Chicken with Garlic Red Mashed Potatoes and Steamed Asparagus



Throwing some aromatics in the pa,n like full, smashed, garlic cloves can really make the difference in your mashed potatoes. The garlic, after sitting in the starchy, boiling water for so long, gets gooey and can blend straight into your potatoes. So just cook some shallots and full cloves of smashed garlic in olive oil and bacon grease in your potato pot for a about a minute and then fill it up with water. Once again be sure to let the oil cool down, or simply strain the garlic and shallot to make sure you don’t get grease fires going on, that’s never good for anyone.


Boil them suckas till you can easily stick a for in them.


Were gonna throw one whole stick of butter in there. Don’t skimp on this please, it’s what makes life delicious.



So for the barbecue chicken were gonna throw in 2 and a half lbs. of chicken drumsticks into a slow cooker with an entire bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce in there. I also put a 2 cloves of garlic and a few sprigs of thyme on top. You need to make sure the sprigs stay on top and leave the skin on the chicken, you will remove the sprigs from the top at the end so people aren’t eating full sprigs of thyme. Leave the skin on the chicken and cook on high for about 3 hours.


I steamed the asparagus for about 20 minutes in some kosher salt and Worcestershire sauce. The gravy for the potatoes was, unfortunately, store bought because it was last minute.


2.5 lbs of chicken drumsticks

1 40 oz. bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue sauce

1 Shallot

6 Cloves of garlic

12- 15 asparagus spears with a splash of Worcestershire sauce

2 lbs of red potatoes

1 cup of milk

1 stick of unsalted butter


Now go make some food for the most important person in your life… Your momma!



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